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Help with dynamic lookup attribute

Question asked by sreelesh on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by sreelesh


I have a requirement to have a dynamic lookup attribute. By default, it should list the values from a set up table based on the project you are in (which is feasible using a dynamic parameterized lookup ) . But the user wants to have an option to list the values of other project (ie. they should have an option to override the parameter) 


Eg: Assume  Project A has tasks A1,A2, .. B has B1,B2, .. 

Then in the dynamic lookup attribute, by default the user should see only A1, A2 to choose . Later if needed, they should have an option to override the project value so that only B1 and B2 are visible. 


Please let me know if any of you came across  similar scenario