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Repository Hierarchy and Best Practices

Question asked by john.wohlgemuth on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Raghu.Rudraraju

We are looking for best practices to manage the Jasperserver repository hierarchy and repository best practices.


  • We have multiple organizations writing reports. In CABI 4.1, we created a hierarchy in Folders. 


All Folders\MyCompany\OrganizationA

All Folders\MyCompany\OrganizationB

All Folders\MyCompany\OrganizationC

All Folders\MyCompany\OrganizationC\TestReports

All Folders\MyCompany\OrganizationC\POC_Reports


  • We have over 10,000 CABI 4.1 WEBI reports, and will expect Jaspersoft to eventually grow to that number.


  • The way the Jasperserver repository is organized, users need to navigate deep into the repository just to get to Reports folder. That’s just too many clicks.



Possible solution:


  1. I would like to create a new folder off the Root folder in the repository to recreate the structure.







   2. I would assume I have to create roles for each organization to manage access.


   3. Domains provided by CA would be saved to the default location


   4. Custom domains common to all organizations would be stored in Root\MyCompany\Domains


   5. Is there a recommended naming convention for ad hoc domains? Should they live in the same folder as the report?


   6. Are there any defined best practices for maintaining a repository



Thank you