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RA FTP Solution 4.0.1 - SFTP transfers failing intermittently and sessions hanging

Question asked by IreneHulevych629077 on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by Pete Wirfs



I was wondering if anybody experienced a similar issue with SFTP.


Last week we moved all our file transfers from FTP to SFTP. Since then all transfers going from the Automic app server itself (Linux box) have been failing intermittently and server becoming unresponsive. Looking at sftp sessions on the server, there seem to be sessions from previous days and the number goes way over 100 when we have maybe just 1 transfer in progress in that particular moment so looks like the Agent isn’t closing sessions?  As the number of these sessions grows, the server becomes unresponsive.


When the same jobs are changed back to FTP, the performance is back to normal.


I found the following raised this year, which is exactly the issue I am experiencing (same error message in the jobs that fail), however  the workaround mentioned is no good to me as we are already using RA FTP Solution 4.0.1.

Anybody else experienced the same? Any other suggestions how to solve this?


Many thanks