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Will Continuous Delivery Automation be replacing Release Automation?

Question asked by KSam on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by merpa08

I no longer see CA Release Automation advertised on the CA Products page as a Release tool. (CDA vs RA)

Will the CDA-Continuous Delivery Automation (previously 'Automic') tool be replacing CARA sometime soon?

  • If so, how will CA handle the enterprises relying on CARA currently?
    • Will there be a discount to switch?
    • Will there be a tool designed to help port to the new tool?
    • Will CA offer free support to aid clients in converting?

We've noticed it feels like unsupported version emails are being sent out for CARA more often and only the latest 6.6 version is available and planned to be supported, along with the product page no longer being displayed, I have a feeling there's a shift happening that isn't being announced widely enough, if at all.


Please let us know an official statement on what the plans for the future of CARA are for the next few years if possible..