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Jasper Report - cr.customer_organization_name not usable for filtering

Question asked by radek.mihalik on Nov 24, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Raghu.Rudraraju



I am struggling with Jusper Report during Domain creation (using Domain Designer).

Everything works fine:

  1. data source created and tested

               - Type: JDBC Data Source;

               - JDBC Driver: com.ddtek.jdbc.openaccess.OpenAccessDriver

               2. New Domain created using Domain Designer

               -  table casd_cr choosed

               -   fileds from casd_cr choosed – like ref_num; status; customer_organization_name, etc…

  1. Ad hoc view based on this domain successfully created
  2. Report based od Ad hoc successfully created…


But, if I want to create pre-filter (in domain designer) based on customer_organization_name, OR fields with combo_name, I got error message.


com.jaspersoft.commons.dataset.DataSetException: Exception calling for query select top 2147483647 "casd_cr"."assignee_organization_name" as "casd_cr_assignee_organization_name" from "casd"."cr" "casd_cr" group by "casd_cr"."assignee_organization_name" order by "casd_cr_assignee_organization_name"


… Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: [DataDirect][OpenAccess SDK JDBC Driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]AHD12008:Attribute casd_cr_customer_organization_name referenced by Majic SQL query not found in object(s) cr at casd_cr_customer_organization_name…


(whole error message attached in txt file)


The same result I got, if I try to use this field for filtering on Ad Hoc View.