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Project Manager change in new UX - access right issue

Question asked by CA_PPM_Consulting_Pawel_Krystosiak on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Dave_3.0

Dear Community Members,


have you ever tried to change the Project Manager in a project using a New UX? It does not transfer all the necessary rights to the new manager, does it? Isn't it a bug?


When a new project is created, the creator becomes the manager automatically. At the same time he/she get some rights (of a Resource type):


Project - Financial Plan - Submit for Approval

Project - Edit All - Project Status

Project - Budget Plan - Edit

Project - Benefit Plan - Edit

Project - Edit Management

Project - Manager (Auto)

Project - Cost Plan - Edit

Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Create/Edit

Project - Edit

Project - Create - Project Status


Later, when we change the Manager (through DETAILS page), only the Project - Manager (Auto) gets re-assigned to the new manager. All other rights stay with the old manager.

Can you confirm that? Isn't it a bug?