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Can you edit the command line of a job in ProcMon

Question asked by RussellCouch604544 on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by AlainMoisy

We have multi-step Unix scripts that run in our environment.  Our jobs call the scripts from the command line with an option of "1". 


Ex:  /fully/qualified/path/ 1


The "1" tells the script what step to start in.  If a job fails in step 3, when we are ready for to restart, we open the job object from within Process Monitor and update the option from "1" to "3" and then RESTART the job.


This action not only updates the job object in Process Monitor but also the job object in the DB.  Consequently, if we forget to change the command line back to "1" in the DB, the next time our job runs it will start in step "3" instead of "1".


Is there a way to edit/update the command line of the job in Process Monitor only?


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