Product Announcement - Editable Detail Page (EDP) Deprecation

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by colette.drescher

In order to provide the same great functionality in our quick detail panel (QDP) as well as provide a more performant editor, we are going to be deprecating our editable detail page (EDP) and replacing it with a new full detail panel (FDP) experience!


The deprecation will be happening on April 23rd when the new FDP experience goes live for everyone

Once EDP has been deprecated for you or your subscription, you will no longer be able to access EDP or the rich text (single field) templates. We strongly suggest migrating any rich text templates to work item templates as soon as possible. Instructions on migrating rich text templates can be found here.

For an overview of the new FDP functionality, you can watch this video:



Along with a new editor, all of this functionality will now be available in FDP and QDP. 




Switching Between Full Screen and Split Screen

FDP will be replacing the old full screen editor that was available on user stories, defects, tasks, portfolio items, risks, investments, defect suites, test cases, test sets, test folders, test case runs, iterations, releases and milestones. To switch between the full screen and split screen view, you can use the default view toggle at the top of the editor.



Hide/Show Fields

You can choose which fields to hide or show in QDP and FDP using the Field Selector at the top.



Drag And Drop Field Reordering

Hovering over the left of field name will reveal a handle that you can use to drag and drop fields to change their display order.



When moving a field, look for the horizontal gray bar to ensure you're dropping it in the location you want to move it to.



At Mentions

In any rich text field including Discussion and Description, there is an @ button which will allow you to select a user to mention, and that user will receive an email notifying them.



Connections Including Pull Requests

While you could only view changesets in EDP, QDP and FDP now show both changesets and pull requests in the Connections collection. Click on the Connections (globe) icon.



Work Item Templates

Work item templates allow you to create templates for multiple fields at the same time, and you can include child tasks on a story or child stories on a parent story/feature. Use the Templates button at the top of QDP/FDP to access the template modal.



Copy Formatted ID

To use the Copy Formatted ID, hover just to the right of the formatted ID in QDP so the copy boxes appear, then click on the icon to see the copy options.



Risks Collection

You can see which risks are associated with a user story or portfolio item with the risk collection available on QDP and FDP.