JasperSoft 7.1

Discussion created by roland.parrotte Champion on Nov 29, 2018
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This was rolled out to SaaS environments last night for at least Australia in non-production environments.


This requires a minor change in the JasperSoft Server Access Configuration.  Previous connections required the 'Use SOAP protocol only' to be ticked.  For JapserSoft 7.1 server, this has to be 'UNTICKED'.

I was successful at using JasperSoft 7.1 Developer to migrate from DEV to PROD (PROD still using JasperSoft 6.4), but as it unknown when PROD will be upgraded, suggest that you may want to take a copy of the PROD custom reports prior to any report migration, and allow extra time to migrate reports.  For example, using JasperSoft 7.1 Developer, I need to change the file type from *.jrxml to be *.* every time as for some reason now, files are no longer be stored with extension of jrxml.


Please post items observed, so we can all learn about the differences in JasperSoft 7.1.