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High Front End Response Times

Question asked by halitemresayilir on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Mark_HE

Dear Community,


We have two clusters which are load balanced externally via f5.

Gateway Version : 9.1



From our customers, I am sometimes getting that our services are not responding-unreachable.


When I inspect the dashboard during blackouts, in some cases I can realize that incoming requests are decreasing(for all services) for a period of time. (I am assuming this might be a network problem)

(for ex: in the day time we are receiving around 200 req/sec, however during these blackouts we get around 3-5 req/sec)



I implemented the cath all policy for changing the default service not found response , as users have mentioned in the community.


However when I inspect the dashboard, I am seeing some weird response times from gateway(front end).

Would this be relevant to blackouts that I am getting?


I will show you maximum front end reponse times for the catch all policy with screenshots.


Any ideas or direction will be greatly appreciated.


Warm Regards.