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Robots installed from an image.

Question asked by Fabaino on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by cduryea

Robots installed from an image.

I have an installed image of the nimsoft agent and this image is replicated to the other 50 servers. And even if you perform the following procedure:
. Stop the nimbus service by executing: <nimsoft install> nimsoft / bin / niminit / stop. (usually / opt / nimsoft / bin /)
2. Locate the folder <Nimsoft Install> \ Nimsoft \ niscache \ (eg / opt / nimsoft / niscache)
3. Delete all files found in this folder, leaving the empty "niscache" folder behind.
    This is to avoid problems with duplicate robots for discovery.
     The cache files contain device registration info unique to that robot. Hence, we are deleting the contents.
4. Edit the file <Nimsoft Install> \ robot \ robot.cfg using a text editor.
5. Ensure that "robotip" and "robotname" are set to a blank value.

Now you can create the image / clones and deploy as needed. Once the robot service is restarted on the target system, it will automatically generate a new device ID for itself and re-populate the niscache folder with metric files appropriate to that system.
 And add request.cfg in the robot directory in Nimsoft directory, in the request.cfg has the lines:
<distribution request>
packages = robot_update
</ distribution request>

The probes spooler and hdb fail do not initialize.
Can someone help me ?