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How to create redirects on webserver based application

Question asked by Pallavi_S on Dec 3, 2018
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Please suggest for a web-agent based solution on Apache. How can i forward my request to a specific web-page after successful login through the html login server


I have a dedicate logon server serving html page to various application. The thing i want to achieve is when the url clicks on application URL hosted on a webserver and protected by CA -SSO webagent 12.52 Sp1 cr06 on a linux VM, he should be taken to the SSO login page and after successful login is done, the user should be taken to another wrapper application which is hosted on cloud.


e.g Application URL :: >> User is taken to the SSO login page >> After successful login >> The request is forwarded to wrapper application >> >> after that the wrapper forwards the control back to the application >> 


The POC that i want to achieve is how to forward the request with the help of SSO login page to the wrapper application.

Please note that the login page is common and i dont want to disrupt the functionality of other apps using the logon server.