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Portal 4.2.x High Availability - 2 or 3 servers at minimum?

Question asked by Welington.Strutz.82300703 on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by panka03

Hi everyone, I´ve looked on other community topics/questions (such as Why does the API Developer Portal have such high hardware requirements? ) as well as the documentation, and I would like to understand the requirements for having a High Availability architeture for the Portal.


Looking on this page from documentation ( High Availability - CA API Developer Portal - 4.2 - CA Technologies Documentation ) , including its diagram, I would realize that a minimum of 2 servers (plus external Database and a Load Balancer) would be enough to define an HA environment.


However, that other page ( Deployment Topology - CA API Developer Portal - 4.2 - CA Technologies Documentation ) it leads to realize that only a 3-node (servers?) scenario is the minimum set for an HA, Production environment.


Probably I am missing something in concept, nevertheless even CA experienced folks might get confused on this, without mentioning the risk of either have fewer production licenses than needed for a "starter" HA-enabled API Portal setup (if 3 is the answer) or over the customer budget (if 2 is the right one).


Can we have a 2-server-HA scenario in CA API Developer Portal?


Thanks in advance. Best,

Welington Strutz