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UIM 8.5.1: Linux robot install FAILS

Question asked by patrickjo44 on Dec 4, 2018
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On my hub server, I have updated my "hosts-profile" and dropped it in the automated_deployment_engine directory, the last lines of the "hub_deployment engine" show that the Linux host is unreachable, we have confirmed that ports 48000-48050 are open, is there anything special for Linux that is needed for my hosts-profile?  we have root and its psw for the user in our host-profile.


last lines of the error log:





11012018 14:17:51,219 [AsyncTracker] WARN  AsyncTracker - JobHandle->{id:74af3af1eb304137bc269822075e6155, taskId:276} not found. Excluding update TrackerUpdate{jobId='74af3af1eb304137bc269822075e6155', taskId=276, target='CGDCSSL000031', strStageName='', status=FAILED, description='Unreachable Host', descriptionArgs='String=CGDCSSL000031', taskUpdateType=EXCEPTION, origin='null'}


any thoughts / feedback is welcome.



Pat O'Connor