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OTK Basic Setup

Question asked by tkongpachith on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Mark.ODonohue

Hi there,


I'm new to the OTK world and was asking to see if anyone could show me how OTK works or is used? Like is there a basic setup format or policy layout or template or outline on what to do? Or what are the steps to take to accomplish that and verify that it works properly?


I have already installed the MAG and OTK solution kits and have the added assertions and everything for those two solutions.


I just want to know what are the first steps to building out, creating, setting up OTK for usage and testing? Like what configurations do I need to modify? What assertions to use? What a sample policy outline should look like?


I have also gone to the OAuth Manager, OAuth Authorization Server, and OAuth v2 Test Client URLs. I tried to also initiate an Oauth Handshake and it will tell me that there is an "error: invalid_redirect_uri is invalid" and the description says "One or more redirect_uri values are invalid. Given 'https://<GatewayHost>:8443/oauth/v2/client/authcode?auth=done'"


What does this mean and why is this occurring when I haven't made any modifications?