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Timesheet Approvals

Question asked by GCCC on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by urmas


We are running Clarity PPM 13.2 (old version), and I am new to this product.

My question is, we currently have one person who has been setup in Clarity as Timesheet approver, and I setup another user identical to current user, but he cannot see any timesheets to approve.

The original user has the following groups assigned:

Admin Clarity, Basic Group Users, OS Approve ERPP, and Portlett

Primary Role: Coordinator

I have made the second person exactly same as this person, but he cannot see the timesheets ready to be approved, like the original user.

I can see there is the Proxy option, but I am not sure if this will enable both user's to be able to see timesheet approvals at the same time?

I just want to have more then one person to be able to approve timesheets, please advise what I am doing wrong, and what to change?

If you want to contact me via phone (pls email me with your number, and I will call).

I am in Australia.