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How to examine a Librarian dataset from REXX

Question asked by BobBridges.real on Dec 5, 2018
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I'm not sure where to go with this question, but I'm hoping "Dev Ops" has something to do with applications development and someone here can direct me to the right forum.


I'm cleaning out a bunch of datasets that used to belong to users whose Top-Secret ACIDs no longer exist.  A high proportion of those datasets belong to Librarian (at this installation every developer got his own), and I don't want to delete those until a coworker has had a chance to examine them.


But a good many of them I can delete anyway, for either of two reasons:  1) Some of them are improperly allocated or initialized in some way:  ISPF says these have no extents, and when I try to open them in Librarian it abends with IEC138I 020-08.  My REXX program can spot these with LISTDSI; no problem there.  2) Many of the rest have no members.  If I can find some way of identifying those in my REXX instead of making my coworker look at each one individually in ELIPS—there are scores of them at least—it'd save her a lot of trouble.


So how do I get at this information inside a program?  The ELIPS manual has a section on running it from a CLIST, but upon careful reading it turns out it's talking only about firing up ELIPS, not interacting with it.  I thought the File Access Interface Routines Guide looked hopeful, but I don't see a routine I could use to tell me whether any members exist in the library.  Must I write a screen-scraper in the emulation's VBA, or is this something I can do with a REXX?