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How to clear queue inactive informational alert ?

Question asked by agrawalh on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by agrawalh

Suppose we have 4 hubs H1_1(primary) H1_2(secondary for failover) and H2_1(primary) H2_2(secondary for failover).

We have attach queues for alarm and qos data from  H2_1 and H2_2 to both H1_1 and H1_2 hubs and get queue in boths hubs H1_1 and H1_2. 

As of now H1_1 and H2_1 are communicating properly. Get and attach queue are disabled for both secondary hubs H1_2 and H2_2.

We are getting informational alert that queue_H2_2data,queue_H2_2_qos  queue is disabled which is fine as they are not failover.

We want to clear these alerts form UIM console so that these alerts are not forwaded to moogsoft side(event management tool).