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Automic Proxy Client sizing/scaling

Question asked by Priyesh_2 Employee on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by wieka02

Hello Automic Field Experts,

We are working on Automation as as Service architecture (Please see attached logical diagram) and we will have multiple customers (as separate clients) in AWA. Our AWA set up will be hosted in Operator's/Service Provider's Data center and we will on board customer via leveraging Proxy Client/Server pair. Meaning each customer's agents will be connected via a local Proxy server in Customer's Data center.

Question 1: Will it be technically feasible to install multiple Proxy Clients on one server? (We will need this because there will be number of customers to be on boarded in this set up)

Question 2: Will it be technically feasible to install Proxy clients on a separate server than Automation Engine?

Question 3: Assuming, Question 1's answer is yes, How many Proxy clients can be installed on one server? Any sizing reference to Vertically Scale a server to host upto 10 proxy clients? Any sizing g###@uide line to Horizontally scale Server hosting multiple proxy clients?