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Doubt about a functionallity to debelop in SV

Question asked by jroigfer on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Will_Truong

We have a requeriment in a project, we need read dataset in TDM (or data form a table) in, and from the content of ecah record from the dataset returned, using the content of the record, perming a call to a webservice in our client infrastructure. We are thinking to deploying an endpoint in VSE, and when a call is received in this endpoint, will get the set of records of the dataset from TDM, and will call a webservice from each record using the data of the record to complete the input parameters of the webservice target. Reviewing the documentation I think is possible develop this functionallity modeling a service in workstation, but I don't sure, ¿do you think is possible this functionallity in SV defining a service for composition or similar? ¿can you tell me possiblities develop this using devtest workstation?