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Configuring Forwarding and Replication in NAS probe

Question asked by Miller2012 on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by DavidM

Hi all.

I have this situation. 

*uim-server (nas): With principal nas

*hub-a (nas): When deploy the nas probe, it create 2 subscriber (nas and alarm_enrichment), and this configuration its function ok, but when I check the console IM, see that are create 2 alarm with 2 nas.



I don't know if this is normal, because on the portal UMP, only see 1 alarm.



I think that this problem can be resolved with forwarding and replication option (nas probe).

I am trying set up the option forwarding and replication of nas to nas but the probe fail, after a while, the nas probe are in the down state and I don't know why.



Note: before of configure I disable the subscriber (nas - alarm_enrichment) and configure the replication.


Any idea?