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ACF2 equivalent of adding additional role group access?

Question asked by ACFAdmin on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by Asim ZAIDI

We have role groups setup for different admin teams on our RACF system, and accordingly we have the UIDs setup in the ACF2 system.


Now, MVS team wants to take up additional responsibilities of Storage. On RACF it was easy to add the Storage team role group to the MVS team member, not sure how to achieve this on ACF2 without having to add all the access for the UID string?



MVS role group - IBMVS

Storage role group - IBSTG


UID string of MVS team member is         IBMVS**************LID

UID string of Storage team member is    IBSTG**************LID


All the required access is based on the role based UID strings (i.e. IBMVS*** or IBSTG***).