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How can I make a variable available from message received to an other policy ?

Question asked by moedevops on Dec 12, 2018
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In "message received", if a request matches some condition I need to set a variable say : env=test. In some other case I could set it to say env=stage. So in a further down policy I can route to say http://${env} Is this possible ?I used "Export Variables from Fragment"  but it makes the variable available to *parent* policy not to *other* policies. But it fails : My Route url is set to "" and fail.


Should I use and modify a Cluster Wide variable ? But then, if I modify it (btw possible at all with an assertion ?), wouldn't it be modified for *all* request coming next ? That woul not be what I want.


The overall picture : Abstracting policies so they become environment agnostic so they can be propagated from env to env with  GMU.