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Alternative to API token when API token is expected

Question asked by unrulyrake on Dec 14, 2018

According to this page, API tokens are deprecated: 


The Backup Gem (GitHub - backup/backup: Easy full stack backup operations on UNIX-like systems. ) expects an API token:

Notifier::Flowdock (Extra) · Backup Documentation 


What should I do? Wait until someone updates the Backup Gem to use a different method? Use the deprecated API token method?


I am very confused by the Flowdock documentation. From the above page about API tokens I am directed to a page about Messages, which is long and confusing and I have no idea how it is relevant. And from the Messages page I am directed to a page about flow_tokens. What is a flow_token used for and what is a source? Are flow_tokens assigned to flows, or are they assigned to external applications trying to post to flows? Does one need to be an app developer in order to obtain a flow_token? Are they completely irrelevant to my above question? Or can I find a flow_token for my flow, and if so where? How are they different from Flow API tokens, or are they the same thing?

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