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Can our non-profit association use Flowdock?

Question asked by JoelLappalainen on Dec 18, 2018
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I'm wondering if our non-profit association (Athene, the Guild of Information Networks) could use Flowdock as one of our future conversation platforms? Our association consists of around 500 members, 56 volunteers and a board of eleven people. As the current chairperson, I have realized that we would really need a more sophisticated platform for our association's weekly activities, such as designing, planning and organizing sport, culture, and party events, arranging meetings and workshops – all of these are run by unpaid volunteers. 


I'm quite new to Flowdock but after trying the free trial a few days and watching a bunch of tutorials, I'm convinced that it would really help our association and its volunteers on a daily basis  


Best regards,


Joel Lappalainen

Athene, the Guild of Information Networks