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Which Database does IAM use to store information?

Question asked by jnesmith on Dec 18, 2018
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When using IAM as part of DT 10.4, which database does IAM use?

I do not see much discussion about the IAM database in docops.


I looked at the ACL tables in the Registry database after starting all components, and the user I configured in IAM is not shown in the ACL_USERS table.  


I did find a keycloak.lock.db and in IAM_HOME\standalone directory. 

Are these DB's the internal Derby databases used by IAM until the "switch" is made to an Enterprise DBMS?


My ultimate goal is to run a single IAM with multiple connected Registries. At some point, I would migrate from IAM's internal DB to an Enterprise DBMS.  However, I do not see any DDL in the IAM_HOME.  This leads me to presume that the Enterprise DBMS needs a database defined similarly to the Registry database (i.e., UTF-8 compliant, etc.) and the user ID/pwd used by IAM must be DBO to initialize the tables.


Any thoughts appreciated.