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Project Task Calendar to set Non-workdays for tasks

Question asked by pdesur on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by urmas

I have a scenario like most of the project PMs have, where project go live/cut over dates are on weekends. When I try to set that in project schedule, task dates are changing because of the base calendar settings. To my knowledge, I don't think we can have Project/Task Calendar in Clarity. Correct me if I am wrong! If my statement is correct, what is the suggested alternative in this scenario to apply non-workdays for those kind of cutover date, other than specifying constraints?



I was also looking for alternative solutions in communities and I was unable to unable to use links in this post:




Note: We are using MSP integration.


Impact: MSP Integration is changing task start/finish dates as there is no way of setting task calendar at project or task level.