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Directory Replication

Question asked by yashpal607 on Dec 20, 2018
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CA Directory version: 12.6.05 (build 14075) Linux 64-Bit

We have 4 user stores and in one the user store replication is not working. It was working properly but suddenly it stopped.

DSA_W2715 Multiwrite-DISP: Failed to apply update from peer 'userstore1'

[1] 20181219.170429.319 Assertion failed (/net/cadir-master/release/

[1] 20181219.170429.319 Assertion failed (/net/cadir-master/release/


Multiwrite-DISP: Failed attempt to update peer 'userstore4'

[6] 20181219.171619.308 DSA_I2830 Clearing multi-write queue: userstore4


Rebooted the servers but still, it persists. Please suggest