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SDM to PAM Interaction Failure, RU2

Question asked by jordanreich on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by jordanreich

Error received in SDM:

There is a problem accessing CA IT PAM Workflow - please try again or contact the administrator. Details: ; nested exception is: Error constructing implementation (algorithm: Default, provider: SunJSSE, class:$DefaultSSLContext)


This happens when attempting to select a CA IT PAM Definition from a macro action information within SDM.


Errors in SDM log as follows:

12/19 10:26:05.26 ESMDEV-SDM web:local 6780 ERROR freeaccess.spl 34520 Error invoking class: 12/19 10:26:05.31 ESMDEV-SDM web:local 6780 SIGNIFICANT session.c 4083 This request took 4487 milliseconds to complete. session id:1180496243 login name:OR0199896 htmpl name:wfITPAMdef.htmpl


I did notice that the upgrade to cleared out the CACERTS in the CA/JC folder for the JRE. I have returned those values and upgraded the server_secondary.ver file as we have done in the past and as it is called in the documentation.


We have never gotten this kind of error on

PAM is currently operating on 4.3.03


JAVA version on PAM is JRE1.8.0_191 (Upgraded to meet minimum requirements of PAM 4.3.03)

JAVA version on CA SDM is JRE1.8.0_112 (Packaged JRE)


This mismatch was NOT a problem on confirmed. But appears to be a problem on