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Want to split the CA PC events and create the multiple alert in ca spectrum

Question asked by johnnpci on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by ackjo04

Hi All,


We have integrated the ca pc with ca spectrum and events are forwarding from ca pc to spectrum is fine ..we can see the alert in ca spectrum console but when i try to split the events based on the events rules it's not working ..

here is the event split ..


original event 0x5c40011


and created the new events with different title .


but when i see the alert in spectrum console .. it's showing only the cause code is changing in the alert ..

but there is no new event is creating in event console ...



the below screen shot describe the actual issue...

event casue code is changing in oneclick console but there is no event is created for 0xfff00051 in event's still showing only primary pc event only..

and alert title is not changing in 0xfff00051 (alert title is 0xfff00051 -Error Occured on Interface)