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LDAP connector and LDAP  query assertion

Question asked by Prashant0384 on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Conny Postma

I have to use LDAP connector and LDAP  query assertion in our project I was going through with documentation but did not get all answer .Can anyone please go through with below and help  me?

I can see reconnect timeout attribute in LDAP Connector and default timeout as 60 sec but what will  be the timeout value when first time Gateway connecting to LDAP instance?
How many time retry will happen ?
What will happen in case LDAP server is not listening request from gateway ?(down/slow in response/network glitch )
What Load balancer mechanism will apply in case we are adding multiple host in LDAP URL ?
Is there any IP caching at gateway end ?
Is Gateway have some inbuilt service to check LDAP instances ?
In case we make a connection with LDAP server ,how long that connection will be active ?Is there some process that is closing inactive connection object ?



Prashant Srivastava