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Best Practice to MigrateOut folder

Question asked by Tattwa on Dec 21, 2018
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My requirement to migrateout Gateway changes and manage in git/SVN repository. Please have a look at below information and advice/share additional information.


Product Version : Gateway: 9.2 and OTK:4.1

ReferencemigrateOut command - CA API Gateway - 9.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 

Sample Folders:

  1. -OTK
  2. -Folder1
    • Sub-Folder1
    • Sub-Folder2
  3. -Folder2


Here are my approaches: 

Approach 1 :

Step-1 : Export all folder and check-in as it is into git repository.

e.g. ./ migrateOut -z --format directory  --folderName / -d tmpOut

Step-2 : Use manageMappings for specific folder before migrateIn

Approach 2: 

Step-1 : Export individual folders and check-in as it is into git repository.

e.g. ./ migrateOut -z --format directory  --folderName /F1 -d tmpOut

Step-2 : Use manageMappings for specific folder before migrateIn


Query 1: What is the best way to manage Gateway codes in git/svn repository

Query 2: Do I need to follow additional steps for Cluster-Wide Properties and JDBC connection?