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CA Directory R14.0 Installation CAPKI Error

Question asked by Ankush on Dec 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Hubert Dennis

After installing CA Directory R14.0 successfully & created new dsa on cento7, it threw the error as below:-


$ dxnewdsa -s300 newstore 1389 "dc=company,dc=com"
Writing the knowledge file...
knowledge file written
Writing the initialization file...
Initialization file written
Starting the DSA 'newstore'...
newstore starting
newstore failed to start
Could not start dsa 'newstore'


In the logs, following error showed up: "Failed to initialise crypto/ssl libraries".

Although, I was able to fix post moving "capki" folder from iso bundle to the ca directory home. 


Question, I have here is, does this has to be a manual step everytime an installation is done, if not, what can be done as part of prerequisite to avoid occurring of this error.