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Restore Background application from the scratch

Question asked by La-Qa on Dec 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by Chi_Chen

Dear Servicedesk Consultants.


We are running servicedesk 17.1 AA mode where we have 2 app server, 1 BG &  1 Standby server. From past 2 weeks we are running few issues on background server like SLA notification not firing and Support Automation feature stopped working , throwing Null exception issue. Both items were working before without any issue but we dont know what exactly went wrong which encountered this issue. and we did not change anything in the ocnfiguration.


We already opened a case for both the issue separately but CA unable to find the root cause. To avoid user complaints, we failover the application and use Standby server as active Background server now and we dont have any issue on this Standby Server(which is now Active BG) as we have issue on the original BG server.


So as of now we are fine with failover but we need to fix original BG server.


We are now planning to install the Background application from the scratch so that our issue will get resolve by this. But we are worried about the customization. we have schema files etc files present only on BG server site folder.


so if we go for scratch installation can we restore the same schema files? 

Can we able to use that server as original BG server ?


Pls advise