Fixed Defects for Dec 26, 2018

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Dec 26, 2018

DE44540 - View All Discussions Link Not Working in Portfolio Item @mention Notifications
DE45798 - Sharing pages can cause problems for Project Admins
DE43380 - Release & Iteration Burndown app overlays headers
DE45666 - Migrated Work Item Templates with rich formatting are not encoded correctly
DE45607 - Revision history skipping numbers when copying users to child project
DE44620 - Work Views page not displaying correct items when grouped by owner or created by fields
DE45417 - Open Defect Age app give credit to non-existent site
DE45238 - Project Admin unable to edit Shared Page
DE45111 - Updating a story or defect on the Team Planning page crashes the page and throws error 'Whoops We Hit A Snag"


CA Agile Central Subscription Admins just-released fixed defects