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How to set a benchmark for Login: Average response time for a SM policy server environment monitored by CA APM for CA SSO

Question asked by Naveen007 on Dec 27, 2018

Hello folks,


we are running four SiteMinder policy servers in load-balancing mode (which is configured in HCO). All the four policy servers are monitored by CA APM for CA SSO product. currently we set the Login: Average response time for 100ms. But sometime we see it increases in between 200 to 600ms for some minutes and drop back to less than 100ms. we are seeing this more frequently after we upgrade the smps from 12.52 SP1 CR06 to 12.8 and at the same time we upgraded the CA APM version as well. 


Alert from APM:

Alert Name: Siteminder ES - PROD Operations: Login: Avg RT - 100ms
Time Triggered: 12/27/18 4:10:00 PM CST
Alert Status: Danger

Problem Details:
Danger SuperDomain|ourservername|EPAgentProcess|EPAgent|SiteMinder|Policy Server||Operations|Login:Average Response Time (ms): 169


At the same time i gathered the smpolicysrv stats on that server:

[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4841][INFO][sm-Server-02000] System Statistics
[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4847][INFO][sm-Server-02010] Available file descriptors: 44032
[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4858][INFO][sm-Server-02020] Thread pool limit: 50
[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4878][INFO][sm-Server-02030] Thread pool: Msgs=50505813 Throughput=76.473672/sec Response Time=35.227417ms Wait Time In Queue=94.885787ms Max HP Msg=7 Max NP Msg=8417 Current Depth=0 Max Depth=8417 Current High Depth=0 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=50 Max Threads=50 Busy Threads=21
[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4886][INFO][sm-Server-02040] Connections: Current=2832 Max=8839 Limit=32768 Exceeded limit=0
[102269/139648894490368][Thu Dec 27 2018 16:10:01][CServer.cpp:4889][INFO][sm-Server-01990] ===================================================================================


Based on this data can we determine why there is an increase in login: Avg Response time?


Environment details:

smps version :

policy server OS environment : RHEL 6.10 x86 64

CA APM agent version : 13.2.0

CA Interscope version:


Can someone please help me on this?