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Virtual Services stop responding, when they are left unconsumed for more than 2 days after certain transaction counts

Question asked by saranya_7290 on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by suryateja24


We have few list of virtual services with capacity value 5 and on every Monday we have observed that these virtual services are going down. Till Friday there will be hits on the virtual services and over the weekend they are left untouched and when they are being hit on the following Monday they go unresponsive.


  • Even though the status of the VS is in 'Running' state, they remain unresponsive during the above period
  • Restart was required on them to make them responsive


What we tried?

We tried to run keep warm sample tests to hit those virtual services automatically for every 2 hours which runs 24*7 , after that the above problem was not occurring


What is required from the team?

The above was just a tactical way of identifying and confirming, if above is the case. Since it has been proven from the above trail, it would be helpful if the team could suggest the actual and permanent fix to keep the service continuity instead of keeping the above warm test cases.