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Sysview false IMS abend transaction

Discussion created by Martin Svidrnoch on Jan 7, 2019
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we found from Sysview IMS these observations which seems to be marked as abends but actually no IMS abends (msg DFS554A) cannot see in IMS.


Date       Time     IMSID Jobname  Tran     Orig MsgQ   Type

2018/12/23 10:04:35 IMMC  IMMC00P1 PQT483        SHARED A

2018/12/23 10:34:55 IMMC  IMMC00P2 PQT483        SHARED A

2018/12/23 11:05:15 IMMC  IMMC00P2 PQT483        SHARED A

2018/12/23 11:35:35 IMMC  IMMC00P2 PQT483        SHARED A


LogStream SYSVIEW.IMSIMMC.IMTR.**   BlockID 0000000049485CA1/1

CA SYSVIEW IMS Transaction Data

Type        Subtype     Length  SSID  Date/Time

255 x00FF   34 x0022      1048  GSVP  2018/12/23 10:04:39


Section: Transaction Overview

System name          : SYSC             LTERM                :

SMFID                     : SYSC             Transaction type     : A

Subsystem name     : IMMC             Transaction id       : PQT483

Jobname                  : IMMC00P1     Priority             : 1

Stepname                : MPP               Class                : 10

Region id                 : 3                     PSB name             : PQP483

Userid                      : WPIMSB        Condition code       : 0


Transaction type      ! The transaction type. Valid types are:


                      !   A - Program abend or aborted transaction

                      !       See the CCode field for more information

                      !       related to abends.


could you tell me why this transactions is marked  as abend or aborted.  and no abends in IMS has seen. this behavior with transaction PQT483 program PQP483 may last quite a long time nad it hapeens only with one of our customer lpar  


-Br M