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How many interproject dependencies can be used in a group of projects in Clarity 15.3

Question asked by Kwpulley on Jan 8, 2019

We are building a program with 12 projects. One project will house the financials, PM and Program meeting, and other program tasks I will call this the Main Program Project.

The other projects will contain the work. Among the 11 projects there are interproject dependencies.


I tried adding a milestone to the program and created an interproject dependency to the task in the project, It didn't reflect the end date of the task. I tried autoschedule and it pushed the date out past the one currently in the dependent project which is the predecessor. Question if I put milestones in the program how do I get them to display the end date of the task they are dependent upon?


There are approximately 10 milestones per project that will need to be tied to either a milestone in the program or in the Main Program Project. ….. Hence the question how many dependencies  are to many?


If I add all those milestones at the program level ….. I would have to add them by hand where in a project I can just copy paste them saving myself a lot of time. Question: Is there a greater impact of adding interproject dependencies between projects than there is between the program and it's projects?