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Is there any way to automatic change data selection in JDE job?

Question asked by HaidiWang605776 on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by RichardBeck605744

Want to check that is it possible to auto change the dates in the data selection every month when schedule running? E.G. ERW schedule to run every 1st day of month, for this month, the "Receipt Date (F43121)" in data selection will pass value "01/01/19" (dd/mm/yy), in next month it will pass value "01/02/19". "Gregorian Date (F58GINV4)" date range will between 20180801 to end of day of last month. So in this month, date will pass "20180801 - 20181231", next month date will pass "20180801-20180131"


In this case, if Automic able to handle? If can, how Automic handle? Please advise. Thank you.