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Printer Probe Watcher

Question asked by Flores on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by yasal01

I currently use CA UIM 9.0.2 with Printer Probe 2.54. 

When I use the UMP to go into the Printer Probe Configuration the Watchers list is empty

If I go to the same Printer probe using the IM Client, I can see the printers are listed.

They only way I can get them to Auto populate in the UMP is to uncheck and recheck a printer. (Change the Configuration)

Once the probe restarts,  all the printer show up in UMP.


Before the change the Printer.cfg does not have the printers listed.

After the change and restart of the probe the printers are listed in the Printer.cfg


Is there a way to force the printer probe to rediscover the printers and repopulate the Printer.cfg

Rebooting the Probe and robot does not work.