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Can we create Multi-valued Context variable?

Question asked by VA82375905 on Jan 9, 2019
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Can we create Multi-valued Context variable? I know many gateway assertions creates Multi-valued Context variable, and CA documentation provides enough information on how to use those. All I am trying to achieve is what classic programming languages provides with multidimensional array.  So my use case requires a variable to hold a small size table (120x3, Col1 = Client Name, Col2 = Environment, and Col3 = URL), so that based on the combination of first two Column values, I should be able to derive the endpoint URL. 


I know this is possible in several ways (I have tried following options), but because of my in-experience with the Products internals so I am not sure which one is most optimized, or any other best practice or solution is available.


Option1: Using Map Value assertion:

Issue: Adding 120 Mapping



Option2: Using Lookup Context Variable assertion:

Issue: Creation of 120 Context variable 


Option3: Perform JDBC Query Assertion, DB lookup for every call

Issue: Performance overhead


Option4: Store to cache + Look Up in Cache + Perfrom JDBC Query Assertions (Caching the DB result)

Issue: It resolves the performance hit, but introduces another layer of complexity of maintaining cache and dependency on the DB remains.


Did not get time to explore the other options, however if I can remove the dependency on the DB and store information is some variable then it can be easily stored in cache and referenced later.