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Upgradation from CASM 12.7 to 17.1

Question asked by SiladityaDhar on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by SiladityaDhar

Hi Team,


We are currently using r12.7 in our environment and planning to upgrade to 17.1, few queries regarding the same:


 1. What are the pre and Post up gradation Steps.

2. What are the common issues faced?

3. Can we follow the swing box approach to upgrade directly from r12.7 to r17.1?

4. As per supportibility matrix mssql 2008 is not supported so what to do and how to upgrade please provide me guidelines step by step


Our Current environment is as below-

Application- CA SM 12.7 without catalog

OS- MS Windows Server 2008 r2

DB- MSSQL 2008


Proposed environment is as below-

Application - CA SM 17.1 without Catalog

OS- Windows Server 2012 Std

DB- MS sql 2014