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UpgradeReadinessCheck tool is not working

Question asked by Sharana Employee on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by diego.gonzales

Hi All,


I'm trying to do inplace upgrade from r12.52 SP2 to R12.8 SP1.

UpgradeReadinessCheck tool is not connecting to policy store during the upgrade, But I continued at that moment.

Even after upgrading, I'm getting the same error.


C:\Users>UpgradeReadinessCheck -u siteminder -of test1234.txt

[Enter siteminder password]: *********

INFO: Starting UpgradeReadinessCheck .....

ERROR: Connection to Policy Store failed.


Note: I entered superuser password. No mistakes in entering the password.


But the tool is not even writing why it is failing to connect. Any suggestions on this?