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Use list_cr as home for employee

Question asked by InfiniteLoop on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by cdtj

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to set list_cr as home page for employee role.


We have Service Catalog + USS as the end user portal. But it has the following problems:

- It uses Service Catalog for request tracking and Open Space for incident/request tracking, and since (in our case) all requests from Service Catalog are created in SDM for fulfilment the end user see the same request in both interface and causes confusion.

- Service Catalog widget shows the SC request number, but the notification is from SDM with other ticket number so it also causes confusion.

- Open Space hasn't been updated since a long time, so it doesn't have a nice look and feel.

- We don't have a good feedback from end users.


What's the idea?

Since all request are managed from Service Desk, we can modify Unified Self Service (not supported by CA) to hide all links for ootb tracking and put a link in home to open SDM interface for tracking. But we are looking to use as default home list_cr to show all ticket of the logged user.


I try to save list_cr of employee interface as home.htlmp and in WSP preview it works, but when I publish it I only see the header and a blank page.


Any ideas?