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Losing Devices in IM

Question asked by pmurt on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by yasal01

Hi All,

We recently had a situation where we restarted some of our secondary hubs, one of the hubs kind of hung and did not start up all the way. We ended up having to go in and restart the robot manually from the command line. Once the hub was back up all the way and majority of devices had reconnected to the hub several hundred did not. Of the windows servers, after restarting the nimsoft service they re-registered back with the hub. Eventually all the windows servers would have checked back in after a routine reboot, so this is not a big problem.  But this is not so for the Linux servers. The Linux servers will not get rebooted routinely, and it takes an act of god to get the Unix admins to go in and restart the nimbus process manually. Has anyone else seen this problem occur? And if so what solution would you suggest to recover from this type of disconnect between the unix robots and the hub?