Triggering Mainframe Jobs with CA TDM Portal

Discussion created by CihanAnkara on Jan 18, 2019
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Hi All,


We developed some custom functionalities which let you use all TDM Mainframe Add-on functionalities through CA Test Data Manager Portal (also through DataMaker).


Basically, It lets you to submit and run Mainframe jobs to UNLOAD and LOAD masked data from source DB2 system to target DB2 system. You can submit those jobs from CA TDM Portal and get any information (Status, Return Codes, Execution Steps, Audits, Reports etc) about Mainframe jobs submitted in the back round. That means any data requester can run that masking/subsetting jobs without the knowledge of Mainframe. That makes TDM to be used more widely and effectively.


By using this customization, you don't need to connect Mainframe terminal directly through 3270 emulator.


For further information, please feel free to contact me.


Cihan Ankara



Below you may find some screenshots about the process.


1. Service Catalog for Mainframe Integration



2. Submitting UNLOAD(GTXMSKL) and LOAD(GXMSKL2) Jobs to Get Masked Subset



3. Run Masking Job in Simulation Mode to Get Audit Reports



4. Audit Files in MF and Shared



5. MF Job Logs



6. Submitted JCL and Outputs of the Job