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Linux Application type error

Question asked by TeamV on Jan 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by lutch01

Hi All,


We are integrating Linux servers.  When we give Application type as Unix and Unix variant as Generic, we are getting error while generating credential manually: "PAM-CM-1341: Failed to establish a communications channel to the remote host." and not able to perform credential verification as well.


When we give Application type as Unix and Unix variant as Linux, we are getting error while generating credential manually: "PAM-CM-3478: Failed to update the account credentials. The password may not meet the minimum requirements for the Linux system. Review the log file for further information or else contact your Administrator." and not able to perform credential verification.


In both of the cases, Credentials are getting changed in server end, but not in CA PAM. As we are using the same credentials from view option to update in server end.


But we are able to generating credential when we are keeping Application type as just Generic without any issue. 


For temporary we have set as Generic, but we need to keep it as Unix.


Let me know how to solve this issue.




Rushikesh Pattankar.