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Question asked by prasannareddy21 on Jan 21, 2019
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Please let me know, if any one already worked these type of use case.


We are provisioning users on AD End point( Consider XYZ AD End point)  using CA IDM Provisioning. Now my organization has moved all the users from old AD XYZ endpoints to New Endpoint i.e ABC AD endpoint and also for some of the users they have changed the samaccount name.


Now when I need to unlink users from XYZ end point and need to link with ABC AD endpoint.


I have tried below steps . 


1. Provisioning Manager   --> End Points --> Created New End Point  --> First Ran Explore End Point  then Correlate End Point using "Use Existing Global user".






2. I can see all the user who are Migrated from XYZ to ABC.




3. I  have searched user on ABC End Point --> Copy Objects --> Paste objects on the Global user.



4. When I checked Lisrt accounts it showing account also.



5. Assigned the Provisioning Role using CA Identity manager console and then I have searched user on and am able to see the details on Global user and able to List the account same like above.


5. But, I  observed that Provisioning Manager is deleted the existing Account which is already available on ABC AD End point and then its created  new Account, but  here I need to Link with Existing account which is available on ABC End Points.





Please let me know the steps How to achieve this use case.