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How to add check,jsp url in CA APM to make it visible in the Dasboard

Question asked by cosgh01 Employee on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Hallett_German


The customer is using App Dynamics but they are in the process to migrate to CA APM.


Here is what they have:


  1. Application Agent is installed in the far Server (We don’t have access to it)
  2. Then we see the Application component in the GUI
  3. Then we get the url that has to be added to a config.yml file in the Controller (Main monitoring server) itself. Not to the remote server where the agent is installed.
  4. See config.yml file in attachment. There is a url https://anything/is/possible/whatever-and-so-on/vsr/check.jsp
    1. - name:     NEW_SO_EXAMPLE

url:      https://anything/is/possible/whatever-and-so-on/vsr/check.jsp


- name: TestFailed

type: caseInsensitiveSubstring

pattern: Test failed


After adding the url, after some time we see these metrics coming it “Custom metrics” See the pic below.


After this pic is visible, we create thresholds for warning and critical. Then we add it up to a Dashboard so that it is visible for our customer.

Their question is, how do we set it up in CA APM. Where can we add the check.jsp url (see above). A config file in the main monitoring Server (controller?), to the remote agent?